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We are based in Colorado.

Roger N. Clark Email contact (is encoded to prevent spam):
has the following form: where
username is rnclark. Change the string "username" to rnclark.

NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE. Due to excessive attacks on clarkvision, an increasing number of IP addresses are being blocked from accessing As of November 5, 2017 I have had to start blocking some Microsoft outlook IPs due to 1) the nature of the attacks, and 2) I can find no way to contact Microsoft to report the abuse (Microsoft seems to only allow reporting of abuse if you are running their software). Yahoo is close to being blocked as it too is increasing attacks. Other companies have also attacked clarkvision, including tech companies around the world, universities, Adobe, Cisco, and others. If you are at a company and can no longer reach clarkvision, it may mean your computers have been hacked, or you have employees using your computers for illegitimate purposes.

Update Nov 29, 2017, Phishing attacks from Microsoft and Yahoo continue. I watch attacks come in from IP addresses that increment. One IP gets blocked, and then another IP starts sending phishing attacks. Here are Microsoft IP address now blocked:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and the list grows by the day. The 0/24 means all address 0 to 255 ar blocked. Yahoo is attacking from Inktomi Corporation IPs (owned by Yahoo):,,,, in california and in the United Kingdom:,, and in Singapore:,,,, and also growing by the day. Many other phishing attacks are coming in from China, Russia, Brazil, India (top 4), and other locations. Tens of thousands are being blocked per day.

If you can not reach clarkvision from some computers, it is probably because those computers or computer networks have been launching attacks and are now blocked. Clarkvision suffers from to thousands of attacks per day and a zero tolerance policy has been adopted. Depending on the type of attack, only email is blocked, to complete blockage so even the web site can't be seen and all ports are blocked.

Regular mail address and phone numbers will be supplied on request for legitimate correspondence.

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Last updated November 29, 2017