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Copyright Notice

All images, text and data on this site are copyrighted.
They may not be used except by written permission from Roger N. Clark.
All rights reserved.

Web-based images may be used at no cost for non-profit educational school projects and non-profit research projects by requesting via email and or letter and including a description of the use of the requested image. Permission will generally be granted in these situations for images that will be used in good taste and if proper reference is given. No permission is implied: response by Roger N. Clark is required before such permission is granted. If there is no response to a request, there is no permission granted.

Copying and/or posting of images on web sites via copying to local servers or directly linking to images on violates copyright and is forbidden. In some cases, use of images may be allowed, if permission is granted in writing. Commercial sites should expect to pay appropriate fees for any use of images, including thumbnails. An exception to this rule is use by free and public search engines when showing the results of a web search. Embedding images in private web sites and discussion boards is not allowed, even when the link is to a image (e.g. a gif or jpg). However, linking to original article or gallery html pages is allowed.

For example, linking to:
is not allowed,

but linking to:
is allowed.

No fee requests for larger images may be granted for other non-profit research and educational purposes on a case by case basis. This applies to digital files only; printed images will be at the cost in the price list.

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Last updated December 5, 2010