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image m27.c08.20.2003-15images.8bit-crop1.g.jpg is Copyrighted by Roger N. Clark,

The Dumbell Nebula: Planetary Nebula M27

The detail in the ring is approximately the view one gets from about an 8-inch telescope in dark skies (except color is more of a pastel teal). Stars shown are approximately what can be seen in a 18-inch telescope in dark skies. This is the full resolution image, cropped from the larger 6-megapixel 10D frame. Plate scale = 2.1 arc-seconds/pixel. The redder faint stars are an artifact of the strong light pollution from the Denver metro area, where this image was obtained.

Note: the blue color is not natural color. The color should be teal and the blue here is indicative of a poor or no color matrix correction. Note: this image was processing with a "traditional" astrophoto workflow with darks, flats and bias using ImagesPlus in 2003.

500 mm f/4 + 1.4x TC = 700 mm f/5.6, Canon 10D camera at ISO 400. Added 15, 30-second, unguided exposures (=7.5 minutes total) made from in the Denver metro area. Faintest star ~ 17.0.

The Exposure Factors, CEF, CEFA are measures of the relative amounts of light received from a subject. It can be used to fairly compare wildly different lens/telescope apertures and exposure times. For this image:

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Image ID: m27.c08.20.2003-15images.8bit-crop1.g.jpg

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