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Meandering Path in the Colorado Fall

A meandering path during Colorado fall invites one to explore what is around the bend. Clear Creek greenbelt, Wheatridge, Colorado.

Technical. Canon 1D mark IV 16-megapixel digital camera, 28-135 IS lens at 105 mm, f/8. Exposure 1/80 second, ISO 100, manual exposure. Full image, no crop.

I was in the area to see fall colors and maybe photograph some foxes early in the morning around sunrise. I saw this scene and made the image below from a greater distance with my 300 mm lens before the sun was shining on the trees. I knew the image would develop into better colors with the sun shining through the leaves. The image above was taken 47 minutes after the one below. Note the differences in the contrast and color. The image below was illuminated by diffuse blue skylight. The image above, while including skylight, also includes a stronger component of sunlight transmitting through leaves to the right of the image, enhancing the colors and contrast.

Image ID: colorado.fall.colors.c10.16.2010.c45i1895.b-900.jpg

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Image ID: colorado.fall.colors.c10.16.2010.c45i1959.c-900.jpg

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