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Colorado Columbine, American Basin, #4800+01

The Columbine flowers of Colorado flourish in the high elevations of Colorado's mountains in the summer. They display many colors, from white to various shades of blue and purple. Here a group of Columbine show intense purple in the overcast skies of early afternoon in American Basin, San Juan Mountains.

Technical. Canon 5D Mark II 21 megapixel camera with 28-135 IS lens at 65 mm, 1/160 second at f/13, ISO 200, manual exposure, 2-frame mosaic making a 5981 x 7478 pixel x 16-bits/channel base image. Panoramic head on a carbon fiber tripod. The image quality is between medium and large format film quality. The images were obtained at 3:18 pm MDT illustrating that great images can be made at all times of the day.

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