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image san.juan.mtns.sunset.c09.2007.jz3f6155-69.g-1024.jpg is Copyrighted by Roger N. Clark,

Colorado San Juan Mountains Fall Color Sunset

People who have been to the spot will recognize it: it is Dallas Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. It usually a morning spot and generally there are few photographers here in the evening because the sun sets behind the mountains and the foreground and mountains are in shade. I saw this developing from a spot further east and rushed up here for the sunset. The clouds and blue sky gave the light on the mountains (except of course the few peaks with direct sun). That gave the unusual light. The direction of light for the trees was the soft backlight from the orange clouds. This was the last week of September, 2007 after a gentle snow storm deposited snow on the mountains without blowing the leaves off the trees. The mountain near the left edge of the frame is Mt Sneffels.

Technical. This is a 15-frame split density High Dynamic Range (HDR) mosaic. Canon 1D Mark II 8-megapixel digital camera, 28-135 IS at 33mm f/5.6, ISO 100. Raw data recorded and converted with chromatic aberration corrections. The images with the clouds were exposed at 1/80 second and the land below at 1/10 second. Assembled in ptgui, which blended the HDR much better than using a split density filter. Final image 6320 x 3920 pixels.

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