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North America Nebula Raw Files

The North America Nebula in Cygnus, modern processing result from only the light frames linked below. See the gallery image for more details including the causes of the colors.

See Sensor Calibration and Color for details and different processing methods. Can you process the raw data and make a better image? Note Figures 11a - 11c compare DEEP Sky Stacker results with a modern workflow, and note the hydrogen discharge lamp color. The hydrogen discharge lamp color shows the basic magenta/pink color expected in nebulae like NGC 7000. In your processing, try for this color while maximizing sharpness, bringing out faint nebulae and faint stars (and their color) while minimizing noise.

If you process the images with your method, please share your results and give me permission to add your results to the Sensor Calibration and Color web page. Also include if you want attribution, and if so how you would like the attribution worded.

NOTE: upload speeds are currently capped a 5 megabits / second, thus complete download of all the raw data will take over 3 hours if no one else is downloading data. Please do these downloads late at night (night time in the U.S.).

ngc7000-lights-canon90d-300mm-f2.8-iso1600.IMG1516-IMG_1574-59lights.tar (1.92 gigabytes)

canon.90d-dark-frames-19C-30sec-iso1600-IMG_1719-IMG_1780-62darks.tar (1.77 gigabytes)

canon.90d-300mm-f2.8-flat-fields.IMG_2868-IMG_2913-46flats.tar (1.66 gigabytes)

bias-canon-90d-IMG_3143-IMG_3214-71bias.tar (1.73 gigabytes)


See above web page for discussion. A portion of the image (top of this page) magnified 200%. On the left (A) is the modern workflow with minimal noise filtering. On the right (B) is a traditional workflow with strong filtering. The traditional workflow, wihtout color matrix correction produces hydrogen emission that is shifted blue ad magenta/pink emission color comes out a little orange. Note the arrow: post processing has removed faint stars in image B. The filtering has also blurred edges in the nebulae.

Last updated January 9, 2024.