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Auroral Curtain above Mount Sukakpak, Northern Alaska, above the Arctic Circle #8255

An auroral curtain arcs above Mount Sukakpak in northern Alaska above Arctic Circle. The temperature was around -4 degrees F and even though there were no coronal mass ejections from the Sun, and only low level geomagnetic activity predicted, the night was filled with all-sky colorful aurora. The aurora colors are yellow-green from oxygen emission at 557.5 nanometers at around 100 km altitude, red oxygen emission at around 150 to 300 km altitude. Visually, the greens and reds were pastel green and red.

Mount Sukakpak is about 4400 feet high and the image was obtained at about 1400 feet in elevation. The track in the center of the image is a satellite.

The bright orange star at mountain height to the right of Mt Sukakpak is Arcturus. The constellation of Lyra with the bright star Vega is near the left edge just above the mountain. The Big Dipper is near the top of the frame, right of center. The constellation Leo shines through the red and green aurora.

Technical. The image was obtained with a Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera and a Sigma 15 mm f/2.8 lens with a single 18-second exposure at ISO 3200, f/2.8. White balance is daylight. The image was corrected for wide angle distortion, including for a curved horizon. This is the full image, no crop.

For more information on aurora photography, see Aurora Photography.

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